Media Skills Training

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Good communicators inevitably rise to the top. To be successful, executives and professionals need to acquire a broad range of skills. And for almost all professionals, effective communication is an essential leadership skill.

We provide our clients with the tools to take their speaking skills to the next level. Our highly interactive programs simplify the essentials of good public speaking: content, delivery, visuals and Q&A.

Lead by veteran news reporter and public speaking expert, Brian Callaghan, we conduct small group and individual media training sessions to help our clients polish their delivery skills and develop effective messages and sound bites. We also pitch our clients as reliable sources to selected reporters, news editors and assignment managers by providing them with high quality, pre-produced interviews that demonstrate our clients’ knowledge and expertise.

In addition, we teach clients how to communicate more effectively in a variety of settings. Our intensive, video-recorded sessions enable them to quickly identify and build upon their strengths, eliminate distracting tendencies and, through frequent replay, witness their own rapid improvement. Following these sessions, clients continue to make significant progress by practicing a few simple skills.