Johns Hopkins Medicine

“Science Out of the Box” is a webseries produced for Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Each episode features a doctor or scientist explaining scientific and medical breakthroughs.  They use children’s toys to illustrate their points in a simple and understandable way.  This is one of more than 15 episodes produced by Imagination Media in conjunction with independent producer Jennifer Davis.

Producer:  Jennifer Davis
Director/Editor: Darnley Hodge

“Tomorrows Discoveries” is an outreach effort designed to inform the public about specific fields of expertise and developments happening at Johns Hopkins.  On each production we used our custom DSLR camera packages with a variety of lenses to give it a slightly more cinematic look as well as green screen effects and custom lighting.   This is one of 9 episodes Imagination Media has produced for the webseries in conjunction with independent producer, Jennifer Davis.