USIP is the independent, nonpartisan conflict management center created by Congress to prevent and mitigate international conflict without resorting to violence. USIP works to save lives, increase the government’s ability to deal with conflicts before they escalate, reduce government costs, and enhance our national security.

This video was commissioned by USIP to convey the scope and significance of their important work in a clear concise manner.  This entire production was created by Imagination Media.  We shot the building exteriors using our DSLR package with wide angle lens and 8-foot jib.  We edited using Final Cut Pro along with graphics created with Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.   Our producer worked closely with USIP to accurately write and voice the script and we incorporated still photos provided to us by USIP as well as international video footage we acquired through our relationship with Al Jazeera English TV network.  The graphics were also custom designed for this video.

Producer: Brigette Polmar
Editor: Darnley Hodge