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“It is both a pleasure and an honor to work with Darnley Hodge and his company, Imagination. There are numerous reasons, starting with the video product. It’s always stellar. Darnley and his team of videographers and production professionals know what you want–often before you do. The action is always captured–and nothing is ever missed.

Another reason: when you hire Darnley and Imagination, you’re getting a valuable member of your team–not just someone who sits on the sidelines waiting for direction.

A key indication of their top-notch professionalism: Darnley’s responsiveness on the phone. Phone calls are returned rapidly–and all your questions are answered.  I encourage everyone to hire Darnley Hodge and Imagination Media.”

Marc Silverstein
Host, “The Best Of” on Food Network

“I’ve worked with Darnley a lot the last few years at CNN Newsource and Cox TV and any day I get to work with him is a good day. He’s one of the best lighters I’ve ever worked with. The way he lights a shot is always a work of art. He’s a great shooter with a creative eye. He’s a really hard worker who never complains – and we’ve been in some situations where most people would complain. He’s such a personable guy that he always seems to put the people we’re interviewing at ease and that makes our interview even better. Bottom line – he’s a pleasure to work with and I’m always thrilled when I see his video at the end of the day.”

Jennifer Davis
Freelance reporter, Fox News, CNN Newsource, Cox Television, Hearst Argyle Television

“Darnley is one of the most talented audio and video producers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Whether directing critically acclaimed video on film, or for hip-hop and r&b artists, all the projects I’ve collaborated with Darnley have met the utmost standards in artistic excellence and professionalism.”

Bomani Armah,
Audio Engineer, Producer, Park Triangle Productions

“Darnley is an exceptional worker. He is very committed to providing quality work and quality service. He takes great pride in delivering an exceptional finished project, and it is clear that he is not only qualified, but also passionate about what he does. He is without a doubt the best videographer I have ever worked with, which is why he is my preferred supplier. I trust him to deliver great service every time for my client projects.”

Beverly A. Bogerty, CMP
Occasions, Inc.

“Darnley Hodge is a creative force. He’s more than a driven worker. He’s also a source of incredible ideas and unique product.

Darnley’s work — from music to video production — have a distinctive brand. It always combines old-school roots with unique, inventive style.”

Scott MacFarlane
Washington TV Correspondent, Cox Enterprises

“Darnley is an exceptionally talented individual, with a wide range of skills. He is an accomplished musician, a highly skilled photojournalist and an excellent communicator. Darnley also has an outstanding attitude, and is a true professional in all that he does. It’s no surprise to me the success Darnley has enjoyed, and undoubtedly more is to come.”

Stanley Heist,
Chief News Photographer/Editor, WTVR-TV